Playing with FIRE

First off, don’t get accustomed to this sort of posting frequency!

I wanted to quickly announce the release of the Playing with FIRE documentary trailer that was uploaded yesterday. Simply put, this project has the potential to take this movement to the mainstream.

The financial independence world has been gaining steam in an underground network of blogs and podcasts for several years now. The idea of this documentary was first pitched in 2017 by the recent FI-convert filmmaker Scott Rieckens. While this project is still in production, it could very well bring this movement to a far wider audience. Think Netflix, etc.

I first stumbled upon the idea of this documentary on a ChooseFI podcast interview. As an aside, I’ll add that you should absolutely check out this addicting podcast by the way, and I’d recommend you start here.

That’s it for now folks. If you have any further interest in this project, please check out the documentary website.

And in case you’re wondering, despite the dramatic trailer, no tears have been shed in the CC Family household over our financial decisions 😉

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